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  1. Kareem Hamze on said:

    Honestly love all of these songs! Can not wait until you drop your album already!!!!

  2. Obdbeats on said:


  3. Shivam Gupta on said:

    Hello Kenny Sir,
    I am practising beatbox from six months and I have uploaded my video to youtube I want you to watch it and please review, I am a 13 year old kid and I am not a beatboxer, I am a synthesizer player and I can programme and make music with my synthesizer and edit it with Computer softwares… I like your beatboxing and i have heard all the music tracks and the track which i loved the most is FELL IN LOVE WITH A HUMAN BEATBOX 🙂
    As a musician I can programme and arrange songs for you and I love the talent of beatbox also If you want to contact me then this is my email id: 🙂
    Best of luck for future album release 😀

    • I love your spirit and energy brother, Listen to all types of music and world urban beats so you can become versatile but most important study drummer that will help you to master your technique to where you will be able to do any genre of music. And lastly think out of the beatbox “box”! 🙂
      P.S. I would like to hey your synthesized music, do you have any youtube links? Email it to me at

  4. Shivam Gupta on said:

    Thanks you for replying…. I am felling so proud after getting reply from you
    I have two songs of my synthesizer progrramed music. JINGLE BELLS INSTRUMENTAL and our bollywood Indian Song HOKKAH BAR Instrumental
    Checkout my channel at There is another beatbox song I AM A ROBOT in which i am imitating a robot voice but not so good. I hope you will watch and like it on the youtube page. I am going to tell me friends that kenny muhammad replied my comment. I am so happy :-D…..

  5. dude, make an album. please. you ain’t the fastest but you’re the tightest by far, I appreciate that more. Your tonal palette is refined to a ridiculous level.

    PS your inward K snare makes me want to quit beatboxing.

  6. GBX iPOH on said:

    Big up Kenny !
    you are one of the fathers of that stuff !

  7. Kareem Hamze on said:


  8. jaron plasencia on said:

    hey name is jaron. i’m 17 years old. it’s is truly an honor to be speaking with you. i am a singer, and beatboxer. you are one of my first beatboxers. it is truly amazing how complex and instrumental you are with your sound. you truly are a gifted one of a kind human being. . my only sounds are: the acoustic drum kit(kick,hats,snare,rim,toms,symbles,clicks) and vocal trombones(bass,tenor,alto,soprano). besides that i sing and scat with a tenor three octave vocal range. i am also blessed with perfect pitch,and a harmony and rhythm ear. you inspire me because just like you i am complex and instrumental with my sound. i would consider myself more of a mouth drummer than a beatboxer though. i would like to know man what other sounds do you make an atempt at emulating besides the basic(drums,bass,scratches)? they are dope as hell but i can’t make out what they are. thanks for everthing brother you’re amazing at what you do and have inspired me greatly, keep it up and never stop. peace

  9. Superhero. Best wishes.

  10. nuriinsue on said:

    Hye sir Kenny!
    I just watch u on Korean variety show (starking) .! That was very fantastic . nice and very good job. I respect u Sir. Keep it up!

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